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May 29, 2018
Montreal Gazette – Jewish General Hospital pushes envelope in robotic surgery

Apr 17, 2018
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Mar 26, 2018
Fulcrum – University of Ottawa Heart Institute opens new facility

Mar 24, 2018
CBC News Ottawa – Ottawa Heart Institute lifts curtain on major expansion

Mar 22, 2018
Ottawa Citizen – Heart Institute opening `most significant expansion in 40 years

Mar 19, 2018
Global News Montreal – Medical robotics changing health care in Canada

Mar 19, 2018
Infodimanche – Cancer: A new technique bringing hope

April 2017
We are pleased to announce that Minogue Medical has become the exclusive distributor for Gaumard’s high & mid fidelity simulators in Canada.

Gaumard® Scientific Company has designed, manufactured and marketed simulators for health care education for more than 60 years. Users worldwide – the military, emergency medical services, major teaching hospitals and nursing schools – recognize Gaumard products for their innovation in simulation in the pre-hospital, obstetrics and gynecology, surgical and nursing care segments. In 2000, Gaumard launched the revolutionary family of NOELLE® maternal and neonatal care simulators that changed the way training is conducted. In 2004, Gaumard pioneered the use of fully tetherless technology with the introduction of the family of HAL® simulators. In 2014, the company introduced Victoria®, its most advanced, mobile maternal/fetal simulator as part of the NOELLE family. Gaumard manufactures its products at its world headquarters in Miami. The company sells simulators through its own representatives in North America and through 200 distributors in 70 countries.

Together, Gaumard and Minogue are here whenever you need us. See the newest high-fidelity, wireless and tetherless simulators anytime at www.gaumard.com, or call Minogue toll-free at 1-800-665-6466 for customer service and help in selecting the best new Gaumard simulators for your needs.

Poriferous, LLC Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Minogue Medical, Inc. – January 2016
Learn more

New Canadian distributor for SCHILLER – October 2015
Minogue Medical is proud to announce that we have become the exclusive Canadian Distributor SCHILLER.
SCHILLER (www.schiller.ch) is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electrocardiographs, long-term ECG and blood pressure recorders, spirometers, medical IT solutions, patient monitors and external defibrillators.
The financially independent company was founded in 1974, offering continuous innovations, high quality products as well as unique service and support by an extensive distributional network worldwide.
SCHILLER first became famous for its pocket-sized ECG devices and defibrillators, used as life-savers all over the world and even in space (ISS).
SCHILLER’s product range is mainly developed and manufactured at the headquarters facilities in Baar, Switzerland and in Wissembourg, France, ensuring outstanding quality as an ISO certified medical company: ISO_13485_2013, EN ISO 14001_2013, TÜV: EC certification.
For more information about SCHILLER products, please contact Minogue Medical. Our experts will be pleased to give you all the details.

New Canadian distributor for EDAP TMS – January 2015
We are proud to announce that Minogue Medical Inc. is the new Canadian distributor for EDAP TMS, France. Global leader in therapeutic ultrasound and present in the market for more than 30 years, EDAP TMS develops, manufactures, promotes and distributes minimally-invasive medical devices for urology using ultrasound technology.
With its complete range of Robotic HIFU devices, EDAP TMS is the most innovative company in minimally-invasive treatment for localized prostate cancer. By combining the latest technologies in imaging and treatment modalities, EDAP TMS just introduced the Focal One® as the answer to all requirements for ideal focal therapy of prostate cancer. Learn more

Robotic prostate surgery will improve patient outcomes, hospital staff say – August 2014
The brand new da Vinci surgical assisting robot can make intricate little folds to create an origami bird the size of a dime.
But more importantly for people with prostate cancer, that kind of dexterity and precision should translate into better outcomes, medical staff said Wednesday during a media event to showcase Windsor’s newest piece of medical technology. Read more

New Canadian distributor for Koelis SAS – July 2014
We are proud to announce that Minogue Medical Inc. is the new Canadian distributor for Koelis SAS, France. Koelis’s Urostation is the first 3D transrectal ultrasound, elastic image fusion and organ-based tracking combined into a single, easy to use platform that enables urologists to control prostate biopsy precision and quality and to bring an adapted answer to all patients.
Urostation utilizes its patented software applications to allow for live planning, guiding and recording of prostate biopsy maps. The software implements a revolutionary process that enables accurate tracking of the prostate while compensating patient- and probe-induced mobility. It also enables the elastic fusion of MR images with 3D transrectal ultrasound in order to target MR lesions and potentially finds the cancerous lesion with fewer core samples. Learn more

Windsor Regional Hospital welcomes high-tech surgery-assisting robot – July 2014
The goal was to allow Windsor’s prostate cancer patients easier access to the surgical robot without having to travel to London or Hamilton for treatment.
Minogue Medical Inc’s CEO and President Danny Minogue, the Canadian distributors of the surgical system, said besides benefiting prostate cancer patients, the da Vinci also has a wide range of applications in urology, oncology, gynaecology, colorectal surgery and more. Read more 

Surgical assisting robot arrives at Met campus – July 2014
Patients suffering from prostate cancer will no longer travel up Highway 401 for special treatment after Windsor received a multimillion-dollar surgical assisting robot. Read more

Minogue Medical Inc. Acquires Polymed Surgical Inc. – July 2014
Minogue Medical Inc. (“MMI”), a Canadian specialty medical product distributor, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Montreal based Polymed Surgical Inc.
Polymed Surgical Inc., which has been in business for over 30 years, distributes medical equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers and also sells its own private label brands. Read more

New Canadian distributor for Zephyr Surgical – June 2014
We are proud to announce that Minogue Medical Inc. is the new Canadian distributor for Zephyr Surgical Implants, Geneva, Switzerland. Zephyr’s artificial urinary sphincter a medical device made of silicone rubber. It imitates a healthy sphincter to treat urinary incontinence. Learn more

Canadian first: Robotic single-site gallbladder removal – December 2013
A da Vinci single-site cholecystectomy, or gallbladder removal, was performed at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) for the first time in Canada on September 13 by Dr. Christopher Schlachta, medical director, Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) Read more 

Shortening hospital stay for prostate cancer surgery – December 2013
Twenty years ago patients needing prostate cancer surgery faced a two-week stay in hospital. Today some patients at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London are home within 23 hours, and doing well. Read more 

New Canadian distributor for ClearFlow – November 2013
We are proud to announce that Minogue Medical Inc. is the new Canadian distributor for ClearFlow, California, USA. ClearFlow is pioneering new technologies to solve the clinical problems associated with obstructed catheters. Chest tube clogging after thoracic surgery is a common problem. When chest tubes clog with clot, blood can be retained in the chest causing Retained Blood Complications. Most of the time, chest tubes clot in the portion inside the patient, which is not addressable by clinicians. PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology™ enables caregivers to actively keep chest tubes clear of clot to maximize evacuation potential and decrease the potential for Retained Blood Complications. Learn more

Canadian first in robotic surgery at University Hospital – August 2013
A Walkerton woman gave her husband the ultimate gift – a new kidney – and in the process she made Canadian medical history. Kelley Kunkel is the first person in the country to donate a kidney through robotic surgery performed at London’s University Hospital. Read more

Canada’s official robotic surgery training centre is operational – June 2013
London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) was recently selected by Intuitive Surgical Inc. – manufacturer of the world’s most sophisticated and widely used surgical robot, the da Vinci Surgical System – as the exclusive training centre for robotic surgery in Canada. Offered through LHSC’s Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) program, training has now commenced for surgeons who will travel to London from across Canada and beyond to learn the very latest surgical robotic techniques. Read more

How robots are creating lasting benefits in the operating room – June 2013
Dr. Christopher Schlachta is a firm believer that any time you can put a computer between a surgeon and a patient, it’s an opportunity to remove human frailty and error.
As the medical director of CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics) at London Health Sciences Centre, Dr. Schlachta is one of a growing number of surgeons working with robotics systems to conduct minimally invasive surgeries. Read more 

London Health Sciences Centre named national training centre for robotic surgery – January 2013
London Health Sciences Centre executives celebrated Wednesday being selected by the world’s largest maker of surgical robots as its exclusive training centre for robotic surgery in Canada.
The designation by California-based Intuitive Surgical, Inc. means surgeons from across Canada will come to LHSC for training in the sophisticated technology that allows patients to be operated on through tiny incisions. Read more 

St. Michael’s makes giant leap in gynecological surgery – January 2013
Among the handful of Canadian facilities that own a da Vinci System surgical robot, St. Michael’s Hospital is the only one that regularly uses it to treat non-malignant gynecological disease. Read more

The da Vinci Surgical Robot
Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal was the first hospital in Canada to acquire a Da Vinci surgical robot. The use of robotics has become so popular that whenever technically feasible we use either laparoscopic or robotic surgical techniques. Designed during the 1990s, this robot consists of a telemanipulator that is controlled from a distance. The surgeon sits at a console, far from the scalpel, and manipulates both camera and robot arms from a distance. Read more

New Canadian distributor for Vygon SA – December 2012
We are proud to announce that Minogue Medical Inc. is the new Canadian distributor for certain respiratory products from Vygon, France. Since its creation in 1962, continuous technological and market research, implementation of latest technology at all levels, dedication to customer satisfaction and high quality and reliability standards are the key factors in Vygon’s growth. Learn more about Vygon’s respiratory products 
Learn more

First da Vinci surgical robot is at Humber River Hospital – September 2012
Thanks to a $10 million gift, Humber River Regional Hospital has become the first community hospital in Canada to obtain and use the minimally invasive da Vinci surgical robot.The donation was given to the hospital by Helen Hull and her late husband, Murphy Hull, and was used to fund Humber River Regional Hospital’s robotics center in Toronto. Read more

Robotic Surgery – Bringing Specialized Care and Faster Recovery to Patients – August 2012
St. Joseph’s is a Canadian leader in minimally invasive urology surgery using the daVinci robot. The robots allows surgeons maximal precision during operations, thus extending human capability. Read more 

Surgical robot used to treat lung cancer for first time in Canada at Toronto General Hospital – February 2012
For the first time in Canada, surgeons at Toronto General Hospital have used a robotic surgical system to treat early-stage lung cancer by removing the cancer, along with the lobe of the lung, from a 78-year-old man. Read more

Humber River Regional Hospital first community hospital in Canada to acquire a da Vinci surgical robot – February 2012
Toronto’s Humber River Regional Hospital has become the first community hospital in Canada to acquire a da Vinci surgical robot. Humber River took delivery of the da Vinci robot in late December of 2011. The hospital’s first case utilizing the new surgical robot is scheduled for April 10, 2012. Read more 

Danny Minogue elected Alpine Canada chairman – September 2011
Montreal, Que.-based businessman and former ski racer Danny Minogue was elected chairman of Alpine Canada at the organization’s annual general meeting on Wednesday. Read more

High-tech systems assist surgeons during complex procedures – August 2010
Of the 11 robotic-assisted surgical systems in Canada, Alberta has four and one of them, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, performs the most robotic-assisted surgeries in the country. In 2009, surgeons at the RAH performed a total of 239 procedures with the help of a da Vinci robotic surgical system. Read more

da Vinci Clinical Robot – JGH early 2008
The phrase “cutting edge” has taken on a whole new meaning for surgeons and patients at our Department of Urology, where a state-of-the-art da Vinci surgical robot is being used to perform delicate, minimally evasive procedures. Read more

Canadian First for Totally Endoscopic Closed-Chest Robotic Bypass Surgery – May 2007
CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics) today announced a Canadian first for a procedure performed at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), University Hospital.
On May 4th, 2007, a cardiac surgery team led by Dr. Bob Kiaii, cardiac surgeon and director of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery, performed a totally endoscopic closed-chest robotic coronary artery bypass surgery on a patient’s beating heart. Read more

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