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Quill Barbed Suture

Time-saving tissue closure device

Quill Barbed Suture is a time-saving closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots to secure the closure. The helical barbed design evenly distributes tension offering a unique combination of security and speed – increasing both efficiency and value.


How the barbs work

Retractable barbs allow the suture to pass smoothly through tissue in one direction — and then anchor into the tissue for secure fixation.

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Fast and efficient.

Eliminate suture knot tying can reduce closure time by up to 50% and save on operating room costs.

Secure and strong.

Quill barbs immediately maintain tension once engaged in tissue. It has superior anchoring strength to hold wound edges together during approximation with minimal tissue trauma.

Improved surgical outcomes.

Quill helps reduce knot-related complications and ideal for scar cosmesis.

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