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Financial Solutions

Minogue Medical partners with CHG Merdian to provide flexible finance models to help our customers acquire the health care technology they need.

Why consider financing your health technology

A cash or capital purchase allows you to own the equipment outright. Still, there are risk factors to consider:

  • A technology or medical equipment purchase requires an outlay of capital upfront, something that’s not always in the budget.
  • When paying cash for technology or medical equipment, the buyer assumes the risk and the responsibility for the safe disposal of the technology purchased.
  • Technology obsolescence risks such as owning outdated equipment or devices no longer fit for purpose.

One finance models that help customers free up capital is an operating lease. An operating lease allows for the use of an asset, but the lease term is short compared to the useful life of the asset. As a result, we take a residual value on the asset meaning the sum of the rentals will typically be less than the original capital cost.

Key Benefits of an operating lease.

Spread out the cost of your technology. Don’t burn through your cash on technology or medical equipment that depreciates. Financing only requires a smaller and more predictable monthly repayment, providing you with the flexibility to invest in higher-yielding investments, expansion, and R&D.

Avoid ownership risk. CHG-MERIDIAN takes on the associated risks of purchasing equipment, such as being stuck with outdated equipment and owning devices no longer fit for purpose.

Lower your total cost of ownership. CHG-MERIDIAN invests in the future value of the technology, meaning you pay less for the device during the contract term. 

Upgrade to the latest technology anytime. You can upgrade your equipment during the contract term and avoid the risks associated with having old and outdated equipment.

Be in control of your technology at the end-of-lease. Following the contract term, you can decide to either purchase, extend the term, or return the equipment.


Our Finance Partners: CHG-MERIDAN

CHG-MERIDIAN is a leading provider of technology management and financing solutions with a strong focus on the healthcare industry. With their deep expertise and understanding of the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations, CHG-MERIDIAN offers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. In the healthcare sector, where technology plays a critical role in delivering quality patient care, CHG-MERIDIAN provides structured financing solutions that empower hospitals and healthcare providers to acquire and manage the latest medical equipment and technology. CHG-MERIDIAN enables healthcare organizations to overcome budget constraints and obtain state-of-the-art equipment without a substantial upfront investment by offering flexible financing options, such as leasing and lifecycle management programs.

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