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•6- or 12-channel online rhythm printout (manual mode)
•Resting rhythm recording (12-lead full-disclosure ECG recording)
•Posterior leads (V7-V9), right precordial leads (V3r-V6r) and standard leads with V4r
•ECG print preview
•Pacemaker detection
•Rechargeable battery for mobile use
•ECG measurement software with accurate measurements of recorded cardiac signals
•Data transfer to PC for storage of resting ECG, resting rhythm, exercise ECG and spirometry recordings via Ethernet
•Memory for up to 350 resting ECGs
•Bi-directional network communication provides remote access to the patient demographics
•DICOM and HL7 ECG waveform export of resting ECGs1
•FAA export (Federal Aviation Administration)
•PDF export2

•Automatic ECG measurement and computer-aided ECG interpretation for pediatric and adult ECGs
•16-lead high-end ECG system for resting ECGs
•Thrombolysis recommendation software
•C.C.A.A. (Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm)
•Pacemaker measurements
•SAECG: analysis software to detect ventricular late potentials
•Heart rate variability
•Exercise ECG software
•WLAN and internal modem
•Barcode reader
•SEMA-200 and SEMA3 PC software to save, validate and archive ECG and spirometry data on PC

1) Export of 12-lead ECG recording in Standard DICOM waveform object format to PACS system as a part of SCHILLER SEMA3 Server
2) As a part of SCHILLER SEMA3 Server