Product Number KURO-1000-L

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For the first time in 3D ultrasound, elastic image fusion and Organ-Based Tracking are combined into a single, easy to use platform that enables urologists to control prostate biopsy precision and quality and to bring an adapted answer to all patients.
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Urostation is a mobile software platform used to assist prostate biopsy procedure with 3D imaging and intraoperative image fusion capabilities. Urostation connects to a Samsung-Medison ultrasound scanner equipped with a 3D endocavity probe. It receives, stores and processes 3D Dicom images of the prostate as the physician performs the biopsy procedure. The patented software allows live planning, guiding and recording of prostate biopsy maps. The software implements a revolutionary process that enables accurate tracking of the prostate while compensating patient- and probe-induced mobility.

Urostation platform is made of:
- A mobile insulated cart
- High performance computer with Koelis application system
- Footswitch to control the Computer Assisted Surgical Protocol
- 19" flat screen
- Color printer
- Trackball mouse: Precise control of 3D view

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