IMD Gertie Marx Needle 24G

Product Number IMD Gertie Marx Needle 24G

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The Gertie Marx pencil point spinal anesthesia needle.

- Available in 7 Sizes
- Quantity: 10/Per Box
  • Size
    • GM2490 - 24G x 3.5"
    • GM2450 - 24G x 2"
    • GM2490-I - 24G x 3.5" / Introducer
    • GM24101-I - 24G x 4" / Introducer
    • GM24124 - 24G x 5"
    • GM24124-I - 24G x 5" / Introducer
    • GM24150-I - 24G x 6" / Introducer
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Spinal Anesthesia Needles by Gertie Marx The Gertie Marx pencil point spinal anesthesia needle was specially designed to deliver a faster CSF flow to patients undergoing spinal anesthesia than other leading needles currently being utilized. Not only did the Gertie Marx spinal anesthesia needle deliver a CSF flow rate two times faster than a Whitacre needle, a study asserted that the Gertie Marx needle's failure rate was zero. The intention of the study was to analyze the ease of placement, failure rate and the incidence of post-dural puncture headache. The performance of the Gertie Marx Spinal Anesthesia Needle was impeccable and proved itself an irreplaceable asset to any physician tasked with performing spinal anesthesia. To read more on the study conducted on the Gertie Marx and Whitacre needle, click here.

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