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Robot assisted surgery is changing the way hospitals can provide minimally invasive care. By leveraging da Vinci Surgery, health care provides can provide more efficient and cost effective care.

Working together we can build proficient and safe multiple specialty robot assisted surgery programs to help deliver better results across the continuum of care.

To learn more about the impact a surgical robotics program can have on a hospital click here: Hospitals



Learning from robotics program leaders

Hospitals Leaders play a critical role in building successful robot assisted surgery programs. Executive Education is a knowledge resource for robotics program optimization. Check out the continuum of learning opportunities strategically developed to support healthcare institutions in their pursuit of quality health care. Established robotics program leaders offer valuable insights on a range of topics designed to help your hospital provide more patients minimally invasive care.


In partnership with Intuitive surgical our goal is to help executive, clinical, and operational leadership build belief, expand access, and coordinate care teams across the Canadian healthcare system with innovative technology. We are driven by your passion for excellence and here to help you maximize your investment, drive programmatic change, and improve the minimally invasive surgery experience for both patient and surgeon.


In addition, Beckers Healthcare and Intuitive partnered to create a Robotics Content Hub filled with videos, articles and webinars to help hospital leaders building their da Vinci program and take it to the next level.