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Minogue Medical in partnership with Intuitive has provided time-tested, comprehensive professional education and program services for hospitals and health professionals across Canada.

Our approach is built on more than 20 years of experience addressing customers’ training and program development needs. With integrated simulation, data-driven optimization and custom solutions you can realize the full potential of your da Vinci.

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Surgeon Skills Training and Development 

In addition to hands on labs and courses carefully designed to teach surgeons how to safely use robot assisted surgery technology, simulation enables surgeons to hone their skills in a virtual environment. The da Vinci SimNow Skills simulator includes access to pre-set curricula, or enables educators to produce customizable curricula, for training and credentialing purposes.

Clinical procedure modules enable surgeons to further develop their skills by progressing from guided to freehand VR procedures. Results from the simulated procedures can enhance surgical benchmarking prior to the operating room.

SimNow software allows surgeons and educators to easily track performance through an online dashboard delivering real-time metrics.