CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence

Product Number CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence

Quick Overview

Designed for high-volume workload, equipped with the latest technology to save time and boost productivity

The CS-200 Excellence cardiac assessment system for exercise testing from SCHILLER puts great emphasis on performance. With industry-leading algorithms, CS-200 Excellence enables you to quickly and easily optimize your digital workflow with seamless connectivity to EMR, SEMA cardiology information system and PACS.

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•Data quality with algorithms that provide the clearest, most accurate test results
•ECG measurement software with accurate measurements of recorded cardiac signals
•Resting rhythm
•Hook-up advisor – signal quality analysis program reviews and measures ECG waveforms for signs of artefacts and interference, helping to improve poor waveform quality
•Pharmacological exercise test
•Risk-predicting algorithms, including Duke Treadmill score, assist you in detecting patients at risk of sudden cardiac death
•EMR/HIS interface via GDT, HL7, DICOM1
•Interface to SCHILLER long-term blood pressure recorder (ABPM)
•Interface to SCHILLER long-term Holter ECG recorder

•SCHILLER ETM ECG analysis program for adults and pediatrics
•16-lead acquisition and analysis: based on real measurement data, not just calculations
•SAECG: analysis software to detect ventricular late potentials
•3D vector ECG software
•Pacemaker software measurements
•AF Toolbox for ECG-based interpretation of atrial fibrillation
•Exercice ECG EXEC plus
•Hyper Q

1) Export of 12-lead ECG recording in Standard DICOM waveform object format to PACS system as a part of SCHILLER Communication Server (SCS)


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