Minogue Medical Inc.

Cardio Medical

Cardio Medical GmbH has been developing high-quality surgical instruments for doctors worldwide, for more than 28 years. Their innovative products are known for their ergonomics, and durability by surgeons in the fields of cardiovascular, vascular and thoracic surgery.

Cardio Medical instruments allow surgeons to operate efficiently and provide minimally invasive care helping to improve patient outcomes.

Cardio Medical has a large portfolio of products, and we have highlighted some of those available for clinicians in Canada:

  • MICS Valve Instruments
  • MICS Straight Aortic Clamp Set
  • MICS Parallel Aortic Clamp Set
  • MICS Soft Tissue Retractor
  • Blower/Suction Device
  • Suture Organizer
  • MICS Retractor
To view all products available, please view the catalogue here.