Minogue Medical Inc.

USB Medical


HV Heart Retractor

The HV is surgeon preferred and the standard of care for retracting tissue during minimally invasive heart surgery.

Modi Viewport (MVP) 

The Viewpot Internal Retractor collapses down to fit through small ports and then can be opened up inside the human body to give an unobstructed view of the surgical area. 

G2 Aortic Clamp

Specially designed to remain in place and out of the way.  Once introduced, the delivery forceps and handle are easily removed providing an open surgical field.

Atlas Arm

The perfect assistant, strong and steady!


The USB Scope Saver provides protection for your laparoscope during clamping.  The innovative soft collect system protects your scope and locks your scope in place.

Precision Linear Adjuster

Comes with either 50mm or 25mm of travel.  Adjustments can be made with one hand and with a precision of .25mm.  Two Linear adjusters can be stacked together to create two axes of control.