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SEMA 3 Workstation

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The first version of SEMA3 includes the following general functionality:
•Patient and recording management
•SCHILLER filter technology
•Integration with all PC-based devices, devices with SCM networking, and MS-12 blue
•Resting ECG and resting rhythm review
•Review of exercise test data
•Review of resuscitation data
•Review of spirometry recordings
•Review of SCHILLER medilog long-term blood pressure recordings (ABPM)
•Review of SCHILLER medilog long-term Holter ECG recordings
•Interoperability with external EMR, HIS and PACS systems1
•EMR system interface (GDT)
•PDF export

Some of the new key highlights are:
•A workflow-driven user interface which aids users in accomplishing tasks
•Richer interfaces to external systems using a new powerful and flexible interface engine
•Bidirectional DICOM support (waveforms, PDFs, and worklist)1
•Support for both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases
1) Only in combination with SEMA3 Server options