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The Navigator GPS has been a trusted and reliable choice for gamma detection in the surgical suite for well over a decade. Both surgeons and staff favor the Navigator GPS for its simplicity of use and portability. Unlike other systems, no calibration from probe to control unit is required before use; the system is ready to use the moment it is turned on. Its primary features include:
– Rechargeable 12V sealed, lead-acid battery. When fully charged, provides up to 4 hours of constant use with the Navigator GPS.
Battery Charger
– This single battery, hospital grade charger clips easily on the side of the battery, making recharging a snap.
– These high-quality, flexible cables serve the dual function of instant signal processing as well as tethering the probe to the surgical field.
– The optional Co-Pilot device attaches to the handle of the probe, allowing the surgeon to initiate a ten second count and adjust the audible range as desired.
– The Navigator Collimator is an optional accessory device that fits directly over the tip of the Dynasil Standard Lymphatic Mapping Probe, increasing precision and focus by reducing the field-of-view to 40 degrees.
Gain Module
– The Gain Module sits between the Control Unit and the Probe Cable when using a Crystal Scintillator Probe (12mm SLNB or PET), and its purpose is to heighten a probe’s sensitivity level when paired with a specific Control Unit.

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