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100% Wireless – Industry Standard Technology
Exceptional Accuracy – No Signal Delay
Instant Power “ON” – No Probe Tethering or Calibration Required
Extended Battery Life – 10+ Hours of Continuous Use
Sterilizable Probes with All Major OR Sterilizers
The Navigator system is used in radio-guided surgical procedures, primarily for lymphatic mapping and tumor localization. Radio-guided surgical techniques using radiopharmaceuticals to locate a number of different tumor sites have been effective in the localization of other diseases, such as parathyroid adenomas and recurrent cancer. Most recently, MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgical) procedures, such as VATS, have proven to be effective in the localization of small occult tumors in the lung. This procedure allows for surgeons to stage cancer much earlier than the “wait-and-see” approach.

Dilon Technologies manufactures a diverse family of intra-operative probes, designed specifically for each of these procedures.

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