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Medilog AR

Atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection in zero seconds thanks to true P-wave analysis, easy, fast and hygienic to handle, flexible dual-battery concept for more than 14 days recording duration.

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  • Flexible dual-battery concept for more than 14 days recording duration
  • Superior resting ECG grade 32,000Hz sampling rate on 3 channels, for true P-wave analysis, sophisticated artefact suppression and motion detection
  • Zero-second atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection based on true P-wave analysis
  • HRV analysis – Fire of Life
  • Thanks to ECG-derived respiration recording, the medilog®AR is able to screen for potential respiratory episodes during sleep
  • The optional SpO2 sensor, connected via Bluetooth, provides additional respiratory information
  • Robust, shock- and splash-proof as well as easy to clean
  • The analysis is carried out using the renowned medilog®DARWIN2 software