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IMD Combined Spinal Epidural 25G x 6.5″ W /EP 17 x 5″

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Gertie Marx CSE Sets

The Gertie Marx Combined Spinal Epidural sets combine two precise needles to provide effective, quick and successful pain relief for patients during labor as well as delivery. The Gertie Marx Epidural Needle and Spinal Needle together ensure physicians see extremely high rates of success when penetrating the subarachnoid space.

The Indiana School of Medicine conducted a study of a Gertie Marx CSE set and a Weiss epidural needle with a Whitacre spinal needle. The Gertie Marx needles resulted in just a 3% rate of dry tap while the other two needles saw a 24.5% failure rate.

To read more on the study conducted on the Gertie Marx, Weiss and Whitacre needles, click here.