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Ideal image modality at every step of the process


MRI import and Fusion

 – MR Images import from PACS or CD
 – Elastic fusion to match automatically the 3D contours of the prostate on the MRI and the scanned Ultrasound



Precise contouring of zone to be treated

 – MR target automatically displayed on live ultrasound image
 – Design precisely area to be treated and follow HIFU shots
 – Modify planning in real time




Validation of treated area

 – Contrast imaging to validate areas treated and define areas for treatment completion.
 – Review of treatment images.
 – Comparison with MRI follow-up images



Focal One® is a device using the technology of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), which is intended for local treatment of Prostate Cancer. It combines all the necessary tools to visualize, target, treat and validate the treatment. The process can be divided in 4 logical steps: treatment preparation with the Import of MR images and fusion with the real-time Ultrasound Volume, focal target definition, precise destructive energy application and validation of effectively de-vascularized area (with Contrast Imaging Option).

The main components of the Focal One® module are:
 – Control Station
 – Treatment and Ultrasound Imaging Probe
 – Internal Ultrasound module
 – 2 Touch-screen monitors
 – Keyboard and Mouse
 – Lateral table extension

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