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Defibrillator FRED easy

FRED easy Online
FRED® easy Online is an AED that is permanently connected to a network, available in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. All AED’s connected are under full control at all times and can be directly managed from a central station by Life Data Net a SCHILLER Defibrillator Management Solution.

FRED easy Online – mobile solution
Data recorded in the field can be transmitted in an easy, fast and safe way after the intervention. FRED easy with network capability can be used without docking station, in situations where the device cannot be permanently connected to the network, for example when it is in a vehicle. The device is only connected to the network to transfer the data recorded during the intervention and the device configuration. This information is transmitted to a server in order to centralize and manage all data.

Features of FRED easy:
•Extremely gentle defibrillation energy using Multi Pulse Biowave (biphasic pulsed defibrillation impulse, patented)
•Easy to operate
•Quick charging time
•Detailed audio and visual instructions
•User-friendly LCD screen (text instructions)
•Standard energy settings or other energy values freely configurable
•ECG, voice and event recording
•Data is compatible with the SCHILLER evaluation software
•High-performance Lithium battery
•Designed for adults and children, automatically recognizing children electrodes and adapting the energy level.

Features of FRED easy Online:
•Easy monitoring of the FRED easy Online pool (one person manages a large number of devices from a central station)
•Information system (by SMS, e-mail)
•Easy, quick and secure data transfer
•Centralized data
•Multi-user access to the data
Full control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of:
•Defibrillator connection
•Battery level
•Self-test results
•Settings of each defibrillator
•Software update and settings adjustment
•Device visualization on a map