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Cocoon Convective Patient Warming System


  • Dual speed fan motor and two levels of flow rates.
  • Uses a DC motor, more quiet and state of the art blower.
  • Controlled and operated through a unique robust software developed by Care Essentials.
  • The CocoonTM warming machine is light and compact, yet very sturdy.
  • Designed to be user friendly.



Includes micro processor controlled warming machine and a full range of Cocoon Warming Blankets to suit various applications in patient care for maintaining patient temperature (normothermia).

The micro-pores of the blankets give a constant air flow, thereby providing a uniform distribution of warm filtered air across the patient. The universal inlet port ties ensure a secure hose connection to the blanket, enabling blankets to deliver a warm soothing cocooning effect to your patients. The Cocoon warming machine is light and compact and is user friendly. We take care to exceed essential regulatory standards. We have FDA, CE, TGA, Health Canada and Japan Health approvals.