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ClearFlow 20 Fr PleuraFlow Clearance Apparatus

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About PleuraFlow Active Clearance Technology
The PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology™ (ACT) System is inserted between the chest tube and the drainage canister tubing. PleuraFlow ACT uses a clearance loop that rests at the end of the chest tube inside the patient. When indicated, the clearance loop is manipulated using a proprietary magnetically coupled handle to enable clinicians to break up and clear obstructive clots without compromising the sterile environment inside the tube.

The PleuraFlow ACT system is packaged with silicone chest tubes that are specifically calibrated for use with PleuraFlow ACT. The chest tubes are inserted during surgery and attached to the PleuraFlow ACT to enable active clearance of clot obstructions postoperatively. 

Cost Effective
PleuraFlow ACT is priced for routine use. Adoption of PleuraFlow may save facilities money by standardizing chest tube management protocols and by decreasing the occurrence of Retained Blood Complex.

Using PleuraFlow ACT has been found to be intuitive and easy to use. Its award winning design fuses function with ergonomics to create a robust instrument proven to improve postoperative blood evacuation.

PleuraFlow ACT enables active clearance of chest tube obstructions to maximize evacuation capacity. Reliable evacuation capacity may enable surgeons to use smaller and fewer tubes, decreasing the surgical footprint and potentially reducing patient discomfort.