Minogue Medical Inc.

Cor-Knot Micro


COR-KNOT MICRO® features a pre-loaded titanium fastener for use with USP sized 6-0, 7-0, or 8-0 polypropylene suture. 

The COR-KNOT MICRO® DEVICE features a 3mm diameter, 14cm rotating shaft, with a pre-loaded titanium micro fastener and a protective lever stop.

Features & Benefits


At less than half the size of a regular COR-KNOT® FASTENER, the micro fastener is tiny but mighty and delivers a strong, secure, and extremely reliable knot.

Pre-Loaded Fastener

The 4mm shaft of the COR-KNOT MINI® and the 5mm shaft of the COR-KNOT® MIS allow the surgeon to perform MIS and open procedures.


Rotational Knob

The COR-KNOT MINI® device offers a rotational knob, which includes an indicator fin, providing and ergonomic way to control fastener and suture orientation.


Snare Puller Knob

Expedites the loading and reloading of COR-KNOT ® Fastener into the COR-KNOT ® Device.

Additional Product Highlights

  • Durable Fastening: Commercially pure highest strength medical-grade titanium fastener of unparalleled reliability

  • Enabling Technology Can facilitate microinvasive surgery suture security and trimming at small remote access sites

  • Intuitive Functionality Ergonomic design with pre-loaded fastener makes securing polypropylene suture easy

  • Short Learning Curve Quick and easy to learn; may reduce risk of breaking suture

  • Pre-loaded Fastener May save time in the OR and reduce instrument exchanges

  • Single Squeeze: Crimps and trims with one squeeze

  • Precision Control Exquisite control over suture tensioning, wound approximation, and immediate knotting security

  • Consistent Knot Strength >100% of the minimum USP tensile strength with USP sized 6-0, 7-0, or 8-0 polypropylene suture