Minogue Medical Inc.

Cor-Knot Device


The revolutionary COR-KNOT® DEVICE is faster than hand-tying and offers strength, security and reliability in cardiac valve replacement and repair.

The COR-KNOT® DEVICE used in conjunction with LSI SOLUTIONS  specified 2-0 polyester suture and a COR-KNOT® titanium fastener is indicated for use to fasten and trim suture in general and cardiovascular surgical applications.

Features & Benefits


Provides a strong, secure and safe alternative to hand tied knots.


Rotational Knob

The COR-KNOT MINI® device offers a rotational knob, which includes an indicator fin, providing and ergonomic way to control fastener and suture orientation.

Device Options

The 4mm shaft of the COR-KNOT MINI® and the 5mm shaft of the COR-KNOT® MIS allow the surgeon to perform MIS and open procedures.



Expedites the loading and reloading of COR-KNOT ® Fastener into the COR-KNOT ® Device.

Additional Product Highlights

  • Unparalleled automated reliability
  • Single Squeeze.  Automatically crimps and trims; dramatically reduces instrument exchanges
  • Suture Tail Control.  Now you can readily orient suture tails away from leaflets
  • Consistent Knot Strength.  Delivers over 4kg of holding force every time
  • Fast.  Multiple studies demonstrate an average savings of more than 15 minutes in aortic cross-clamp time
  • Tight Approximation.  Enables simultaneous suture tensioning and prosthetic compression for scientifically demonstrated secure apposition
  • Clinically Proven.  Over 375 thousand cardiovascular patients with 6.2 million fasteners over 12 years in 64 countries
  • Short Learning-Curve