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PleuraFlow ACT


PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology (ACT) is a unique system that proactively clears chest tubes and prevents the retention of blood and flruids in the chest cavity.  PleuraFlow® ACT® is used to maintain chest tube patency and clear the pathway to a successful recovery before and after discharge. 

PleuraFlow Extended Drainage Length (XDL)

PleuraFlow® System with FlowGlide® XDL combines patented Active Clearance Technology with 2.5X more drainage eyelets than conventional tubes.

1.  2.5X more drainage length than standard devices (10 inches vs. 4 inches).

2. 2.5X more drainage eyelets than standard devices (15 eyelets vs. 6 eyelets)

3. Designed to protect from occlusion.  Incorporates proven Active Clearance Technology

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Magnetic Safety Release Feature

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