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Biopsie par fusion

KOELIS, The Prostate Care Company, has assisted urologists and radiologists from around the world in their routine clinical practice since 2006, providing the latest technology for personalized prostate cancer planning and management, from fusion biopsy to active surveillance and prostate treatment.

Koelis Trinity: MRI/US Fusion Biopsy System

A comprehensive solution for precise patient management with exclusive Organ-Based Tracking Fusion.

KOELIS the global leader in MRI/Ultrasound Prostate Fusion Biopsy has developed KOELIS Trinity™, a fully integrated prostate fusion biopsy system specifically created for personalized care.

Equipped with KOELIS’ exclusive validated Organ-Based Tracking Fusion™ and multiparametric image fusion, KOELIS Trinity™ enables the physician to pinpoint with exact precision MRI lesions and record targeted & systematic prostate biopsy locations on a digitized 3D patient-specific prostate map.

Once associated to KOELIS Steady-Pro™ and KOELIS MrDraw™, KOELIS Trinity™ becomes the ultimate solution for prostate cancer care.


Fully Integrated


Powered by the patented and clinically validated Organ-Based Tracking fusion™ (OBT Fusion™) technology, targeted prostate biopsy can easily be performed under local or general anesthesia with a 2.3mm target accuracy. 

Elastic Fusion + OBT Fusion™ = 2.3mm Accuracy

KOELIS Trinity™ is effectively integrated within the health system, fostering multidisciplinary communication for better prostate cancer detection, management and patient monitoring.

Freehand, user-friendly and with minimal instrumentation, KOELIS Trinity™ increases productivity while improving the patient’s experience in both hospital and office settings.